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  • Server/Discord/TS

    hi everyone please find attached below the discord and Teamspeak

    New Hosted Teamspeak



    Domain Name will come to that soon
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    For Those Who Prefer Teamspeak instead of discord, ive been doing some work on it and its 1st stage is ready, of channels and some high ranks for those who are lvl 4-5 in Samp, more are coming but till 2nd stage begins then will stay guest till its done, for those who are the appropriate levels msg me and join so i can set ur rank accordingly for to be able to use the features of FTP and transfers etc between players and friends, the higher the level the better features u will gain, so better come join me i prefer TS3 lately over discord so wanna talk come join me
    any IP change ill keep updated till i get sick of changing then ill move TS3 over to hosted machine and run there under 1 IP, till then ill mange the DB and TS3 directly, any change need to be made i can do myself

    So come join the fun

    hellmatic out