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Hey hey, It's been awhile.

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  • Hey hey, It's been awhile.

    Was going through old emails and saw one from Aussiecock and decided to see if it was still around, to my surprise this site seemed very recent and potentially active? Not sure if I went by Wright when I used to play, but if not I would have been under the name "Jacob" or "Chris". Dunno how many of the players that were around when I did play are still here, but I'm looking forward to jump back on the server n catch up.

    Also I had a quick sus here but didn't find any Teamspeak/Discord server links, does AussieCock have a server at all?

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    heyy we do have a discord server, aussiecock has the .net now not .info so thats changed i can run a TS server locally from if we need one at no cost that is easy, ill write up a post with the links for discord that everyone can see