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  • [REAL TALK] Tammy

    yes i know i could just send private messages but itd be ignored by the receiver anyways
    we used to be so friendly and talk to each other
    now Tammy is just ignoring me and just making me feel awkward when playing in a server with another person who you obviously know and even speak the same language is just acting like we have never seen each other before
    i rdmed and banned by Tammy <--- absolutely ZERO problems to me i admitted it was my fault , i took the ban. But asking for admins unban = "Crying" lol you werent even online , Tammy you could decide to unban me or not but aight i'll take the "Crying"
    robbed 1 mil from me , also 0 problems with that but i taunted a little but i was just being sarcastic , obvious reaction when someone rob 1mil from you , or did i have to be happy about it , i even /gc 500k to you
    also got some people think this post is about between me and Tammy = NO ITS NOT. end of story

    i really enjoy this server , the admins know that because look at my daily playtime in this server ~12hours spent/day
    but this has been bothering me quite awhile
    i quit playing games on steam and got back to SAMP to avoid the drama from the steam communities but now im facing this unnecessary BS in game right now and i just cant keep playing with this stuff going on like this over and over every single day, i might just quit this and go back on steam
    im trying to be as friendly as hard as i can , i just want Tammy and I forget about all of this and continue playing the game like we used to , im still new to this , i still got questions to ask and ur the only one to answer , Tammy
    thanks for reading
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    Im sure u both will get back to the way it was, just give it a bit of time, we all make mistakes im sure tammy can see that, i dont want to loose players it makes the communtiy as it is, where not the highest like bobs but soo what that doesnt bother me, im about a friendly cimmunity to gain friends and have fun