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    General Commands

    /cmds - Shows a list of some of the available commands.
    /rules - Shows the Rules of the server which must be followed.
    /report [reason] - Make a Report about another Player or a Problem your having. (Only Admins can see your Reports)
    /mb - Tells you the area of the moneybag, if the moneybag has been found, it will say so.
    /s - Stops All Current Player Animations and Special Actions, Also Stops Streamed Music.
    /givecash or /gc - Give another player your money. Usage: /gc 24 50000
    /lotto [number] - Pick 1 lotto number of your choice, costs $1000.
    /rob [id] - Rob a random amount of money off another Player (Warning: Wanted Level increases by 4)
    /rape [id] - Rape another Player and infect them (Warning: Wanted Level increases by 4)
    /pill - Use an Antibiotics Pill to recover your health and cure any diseases/snake bites (1 Pill per life)
    /drugs - Use Drugs to slowly recover your health back to full. (Uses 20 Drugs each Time)
    /bag - Displays your Bank, Pills, Drugs, Locks and Butt Plugs.
    /stats [id] - Displays your Stats, eg. kills, moneybags, times raped etc.
    /exlist - Displays all the Cars that can currently be sold at Easter Basin Docks.
    /loc [id] - Display the Current Location of the Selected Player
    /ro - Remove Objects
    /hat - Edit your Hat
    /rhat - Remove your Hat
    /sun - Edit your Glasses/Eyewear
    /rsun - Remove your Glasses/Eyewear
    /pet - Edit Your Pet
    /rpet - Kill your Pet
    /fish - Stand Near water and Fish! (Rods Available at 24/7 Shops)
    /rod - Pull out a Rod.
    /finv - Show how many Fish you have Caught (Max 15 Fishes)
    /releaseallfish - Throw away all your current Fishes. RACE/VEHICLE COMMANDS
    /crimes [PlayerID] - Tells you of the crimes of yourself or other players

    /startrace [race] - Start a Race, races are ordered from 1-75. There is also FagRace, LVAirRace, BMX and NRG.
    /joinrace - Join the Current Race.
    /exitrace - Exit the Current Race.
    /eject [id] - Eject a Player out of your Car.
    /ob - Open your cars Boot.
    /cb - Close you cars Boot.
    /sweeper - Start the Sweeper Mission.
    /lock and /unlock - Lock and Unlock your Car using a Lock and Key (Buy Locks at 24/7)
    /cw - whisper only to those players inside a vehicle with you ANIMATIONS

    /s - Stops All Current Player Animations and Special Actions, Also Stops Streamed Music.
    /come [id] - Ask a Player to Come to you.
    /scratch - Scratch Yourself.
    /hitch - Hitch for a Ride.
    /wank [id] - Wank on Another Player, Perv!
    /piss [id] - Piss on Another Player.
    /kiss [id] - Kiss another Player! Cute
    /fart - Pass some Gas (Warning: Spontaneous Combustion exists in 2 places, South Park Colorado and in AussieCock)
    /cry - Have a Sook.
    /sit [1-12] - Sit Down.
    /stop [id] - Ask a Player to Stop.
    /vomit [id] - Chuck Up on Another Player.
    /handsup - Put your Hands Up for Detroit!
    /fu [id] - Flip the Finger at Another Player.
    /hide - Duck Down and Hide.
    /lean - Lean on Something.
    /go - Signal the 3,2,1 GO. (Good for Drag Races)
    /dan [1-4] - Start Dancing.
    /noob - FacePalm Yourself.
    /slapass - Slap Another Players Ass, Perv!
    /spank [id] - Spank Another Player, Perv!
    /ph - Pull Out your Phone!
    /phoff - Place your Phone back in your Pocket!
    /cpr - Perform CPR. (You can't heal anybody)
    /die - Choke yourself to Death! (You don't really die)
    /point [id] - Point at Another Player.
    /taichi - Do Some Tai Chi!
    /so [1-18] - Showoff with these Cool and Insulting Gestures!
    /box - Act like a Boxer.
    /dkick - Kick the Ground.
    /pointup - Point Upwards.
    /farts - Fart yourself up into the air (/farts can be bought from 24/7 Stores) COMMUNICATION COMMANDS

    /pm [id] or /m [id] - Personal Message to Another Player.
    /r - to quickly reply to the last PM you received
    /w - whisper a message only to players within range of you
    /cw - whisper only to those players inside a vehicle with you
    /ign [id] - ignore a player in chat and through pms /ign -id- again to undo
    /nopm - to turn off all pms. /nopm again to turn them back on POLICE RELATED COMMANDS

    /tk [id] - Issue a Ticket to a Player (Player must be Orange name and must be near the Player)
    /pay - Pay the Ticket (Must be near a Cop)
    /ar - Arrest the Player and send him to Jail (Player must be Red Named)
    /cm [message] - Send a Message to your fellow Cops
    /wanted - Shows a list of Wanted Players
    /911 [message] - Call the police and tell them the crime (US Version)
    /000 [message] - Call the police and tell them the crime (AU Version)
    /lvl [id] - Shows the wanted level of the Selected Player
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