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  • pls unban

    ingame name : CrazyKid
    got a guy followed me in game and tried to rdm me and talk trash
    so i decided to get him back but somehow im the one getting banned
    thanks for the help

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    Even if he was Tammy, from what I've seen here there isn't proof, so I'll unban if it hasn't been done already, I know what it's like to be stalked I've had it happen and harassed


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      no actually that guy wasnt Tammy , his ingame name was PureBoss or something like that , i dont remember. And the game said i was banned probably because of some internet problems , i rejoined and no prob at all - i misunderstood and posted this
      but this time i got banned because of rdming
      it was midnight i was sick and pretty bored so i decided to do that and got 1 week banned so its my bad lol
      its my first penalty so i was wondering if you can help me out and unban , its been 2 or 3 days after the ban
      and promise to not rdm anyone again
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        The Ban is removed, so consider this ur only warning, RDM isnt tollerated even if someone stalks, u report to forum or to admin who is online